Don’t “Want to Do Too Many Films”: Anushka Sharma on Balancing Motherhood and Acting Career

Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma has just announced her decision to adjust her professional and personal lives to prioritize her and Virat Kohli’s daughter, Vamika’s well-being. Anushka, known for her successful acting career, has expressed her desire to focus on motherhood and limit her acting commitments to one film per year.

The power couple, who welcomed their daughter Vamika into the world in January 2021, have realized the importance of devoting more time to their child at her current age. Anushka’s decision to reduce her professional commitments demonstrates her dedication to striking a harmonious balance between her acting career and family life.

In a recent interview, Anushka Sharma emphasized that she no longer needs to prove herself as an actor, public figure, or mother. She shared that her happiness and doing what feels right for her and her family are now her top priorities. This newfound self-assurance and trust in her own decisions have been bolstered by the responsibility of caring for her small and dependent child.

According to the actress, she and Virat are actively involved in parenting and committed to providing a nurturing environment for their daughter. They understand the significance of being present in Vamika’s early years and are dedicated to creating lasting memories as a family.

Anushka Sharma’s choice to limit her acting commitments to one film per year does not surprise those who have witnessed her journey into motherhood.

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