Ri Bhoi Regional Committee Prepares for Second Phase of Border Talks Between Assam and Meghalaya

In a crucial development towards resolving the long-standing border dispute between Assam and Meghalaya, the Regional Committee of Ri Bhoi convened a meeting chaired by Meghalaya Deputy Chief Minister PrestoneTynsong, who also heads the committee. The meeting focused on outlining the next steps for the forthcoming second phase of border talks.

Scheduled for next month, the committee plans to conduct a joint inspection and assessment of the remaining disputed areas alongside Assam’s Regional Committee. Specifically, Budwar, Nongwah, and Block II within the Ri Bhoi District were identified as key areas for discussion.

Reaffirming continuity, the terms of reference for the second phase of talks will remain unchanged from the previous phase. Meghalaya asserts possession of supportive documentation to substantiate its claims over the disputed areas.

To ensure a thorough understanding of the situation, the committee intends to visit the villages in question, acknowledging the challenges of appeasing all opposition groups and the diverse sentiments among the public. Deputy Chief Minister Tynsong emphasized the government’s unwavering determination to resolve the border issue in the best interest of future generations.

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