Sikkim has decided to ban packaged mineral water from Jan 1, 2023

Plastic mineral water bottles are now banned in Sikkim. The government of Sikkim decided to put a ban on packaged mineral water from the 1st of January, 2022 in the state. PS Tamang, the Chief Minister of Sikkim said that Sikkim is a blessed state with many natural resources that provide far healthier water than what is available in plastic bottles, fresh and good quality drinking water to the people.

PS Tamang also mentioned that the Sikkim government is giving three months to all the vendors, to clear the existing stock of mineral water bottles. Apart from that, tourist hotspots like Lachen in North Sikkim, which is a renowned tourist destination, have banned packaged water bottles already. The CM added, “Sikkim is rich in natural water resources and all requirements for water can be met within the state through environment-friendly initiatives.”

However, the Sikkim government is working hard towards achieving the goal and is making all the required arrangements in order to stop the supply of packaged drinking water from outside.

It is important that travelers who are planning to visit Sikkim must take a note, and ensure not to enter the state with any packaged mineral water bottles. The Sikkim government has been working really hard towards helping the environment heal and treasure its natural resources.

Also not to forget, that Sikkim is a 100 percent organic state. All its farmlands are certified organic as well. The amazing development occurred, ever since the state stopped the use of chemical fertilizers, and banned the sale and use of chemical pesticides. With the initiative taken and after getting evident results, now Sikkim has decided to ban packaged mineral water as well, with an intention to honor and heal the mother environment.

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