Stop trying to impose Assamese language, Barak Banga to Government

The proposal to introduce Assamese compulsorily to the schools of Assam have sparked protest from the leaders of the Barak Valley. This has meant that the politics of ethnic division has begun in the Barak Valley, and the Barak Valley Banga Sahitya and Sangskritik Sammelan have expressed great concern over the matter. The conference appealed to the government to stop such activities. The organization is of the opinion that this attempt could disrupt the long-standing peace and harmony of the people in the valley.

On the other hand, any attempt to make the Assamese language compulsory in education in lieu of Assam’s official Language and the announced government decision will have an adverse effect. The people of Barak have already issued a warning from the meeting that dissatisfaction is already smoldering the valley.

The Central Executive Committee of Barak Banga held a meeting in Bipin Pal Smriti Bhaban in Karimganj on Sunday to review the recent situation and decided to go to the people’s representatives, leaders of political and social organizations, and civil society to form public opinion on the issues. At the meeting chaired by Nitish Bhattacharya, the members feared the recent government action could encourage the ongoing efforts by some quarters to destabilize the valley for individual interests.  The meeting also stated that the Barak Valley has its own spoken identity. Here the social harmony between the majority Bengalis and the other communities is ancient and everyone has been working to develop and exchange their language and culture in their own rhythm. But in recent times, government officials and some people’s representatives have resorted to subtle attempts to deny the existence of the Bengali people. Such divisive activities are by no means desirable, they should be avoided.

The meeting made it clear that the state is a multi-lingual, multi-ethnic, and multi-religious region. Through the development of everyone, this state can become a prosperous province of the country. The Bengali people want to practice and development of all the languages, including Assamese to continue and this should continue to grow. However, any attempt to curtail the Bengali language and the constitutional right of the Bengalis will be collectively opposed.

The meeting strongly opposed the schedule of the Paramanada Rajbongshi-led assembly delegation’s visit to the Valley and the decree that compulsory Assamese language should be taught to the student. It is said in the meeting that the people of Barak Valley are not against the Assamese language. However according to the Assam language Act, Bengali is the regional language of Barak Valley. If Paramananda dynasties move away from this declared official position and try to forcefully teach Assamese in a crooked way, then the people of Barak Valley will together oppose it.

During the meeting, deep concern was expressed over the efforts made in various government departments and courts of the state to make it compulsory for aspiring students studying in Bengali to take the Assamese language test. As a result, Barak’s children have closed doors to the state government jobs.  The members are shocked that the people’s representatives remained silent on this issue.

Barak Banga has condemned the recent attempt to incite anti-Bengali sentiments in the state and the inhumane incidents that have taken place in Sipajhar. It has been said that if the state deviates from the path of tolerance, it will not be good for anyone. Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma’s dream of a prosperous Assam can be realized through concerned efforts. Therefore, peace and harmony is the primary condition, said Barak Banga.

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