Silchar News Toady | Kamalakhya slammed the BJP leadership in Barak for deprivation

The silence of the BJP leaders will bring darkness to the lives of 4 million people in the Barak Valley. The BJP leadership does not understand how the unemployed youths of the valley are being deprived of jobs. How much danger has been put to the examinees by lifting the TET centers of Karimganj and Hailakandi districts. The BJP leadership is still speechless. Acting President of the Provincial Congress, MLA Kamalakhya Dey Purkayastha made these remarks while responding to the media on Sunday.

Kamalakhya said the silence of BJP leaders was making the future of unemployed youths in Barak Valley uncertain. TET centers have been lifted from Karimganj and Hailakandi. The BJP leadership did not ask the state government to maintain the TET center. This demand of the BJP leadership should have been made in the public interest. As a member of the Congress party and MLA, I have contacted Education Minister Manoj Pegu, Secretary of Education, Chairman of the Service. Although the answer did not match with anyone.

Kamalakhya further said that the Chief Minister during his Barak visit said that 50 percent of jobs in the government offices in the valley would be given to the people of Brahmaputra valley. Employees will be taken from Barak Valley to the Brahmaputra valley. Throwing questions the MLA said, “I want to know how many young men and women of Barak have been given jobs in the Brahmaputra valley.” The people of Barak have information about how many people came from Brahmaputra valley during the past and the present government. Up to fourth class, employees are recruited from Brahmaputra valley. Though there is a talk of Barak Brahmaputra coordination, Barak is being deprived of various tactics even though the BJP leadership is still silent.

Kamalakhya said the definition of Khilangiya has not been determined. The state government has unilaterally defined Khilangiya in the cabinet. The state government is moving towards the conservation of 80 percent Khilangiyas. The Bengalis will face the biggest disaster. A conspiracy has started to make Bengalis second-class citizens of Assam. A blueprint has been drawn up to turn Bengali speakers into the working class. The conspiracy to break the backbone of the Bengali nation has started. But the BJP leadership in Barak is playing a silent role. He said Hindu Bengalis of Barak have voted for the BJP with open arms. The TET centers have been lifted. Barak’s way of recruiting young men and women for third and fourth-class jobs has been blocked. The BJP leaders should have spoken out in the interest of the people of the valley. Barak’s BJP leadership needed daringly say that the state government was not following the state religion properly.

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