The owners of lands lost due to marauding of documents of Mission Vasundhara

Although Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sharma has launched the Mission Vasundhara project across the state, the landowners of the Hailakandi district have lost their way due to the marauding of documents. For the speedy implementation of Mission Vasundhara, the district administration has appointed retired Kanungos and Patwaris in temporary posts in each circle officer’s office in the district. But those workers are misleading the people who have come to take the opportunity of Mission Vasundhara. The landowners are in dire straits as they are looking for various documents. As a result, the success of the government’s ambitious campaign has raised doubts in the minds of the people.

Although the online application started on the Vasundhara portal across the state on October 2, it was launched in the Hailakandi district even after a month. However, the government directive has clearly stated that the online application can be submitted from October 2 to November 30. As the online Vasundhara portal in Hailakandi district has not started accepting applications, it has been alleged that people are suffering from problems even when they go to the circle office to submit their applications.

According to the complaint received, although the people wanted to submit the application for mutation of the name on the basis of inheritance, they are not accepting it due to scrutiny of documents. Several landowners in the Lala Revenue Circle area complained that even if they took a copy of the lease number, rent, for an inheritance, it was not being accepted. Each applicant is asked to submit the lease documents. Getting the deposit out is time-consuming and hence costly.

While Mission Vasundhara has been identified as a fast service for documents upgrading, landowners are in scrape as they are likely to be deprived of that fast service. On the other hand, the same is true in the mutation of names in document sources. The officials in charge of the circle office are not accepting the application form without linkage documents.

The documents are executed only after getting the NOC of the district administration. But even if the documents are sent with the application form, it is not being accepted. Compromising with the application, the aggrieved people have faced a lot of harassment for asking for linkage documents.

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